Tuesday, January 20, 2009

100 Free Things to do with kids: 76-100

I can't believe I made it to 76 already and still thinking of more everyday. I am having lots of fun trying to think of free stuff to do. I hope this last 25 free things are easy to think of. Here we go:
  1. get a pen pal or type pal (pen pal through email) great for when friend moves away
  2. read
  3. press flowers
  4. start collection-rocks, bottle tops, shells, bugs, lots of things free
  5. dust house
  6. dry-erase board
  7. sort-button, bean, pasta. You can do this my color, size or shape
  8. play tag
  9. play hide and seek
  10. The Jar
  11. doll bath
  12. trace hands
  13. egg or toy hunt-hide one egg or toy and let the kids try to find it
  14. take a bath
  15. hold child and spin in circles
  16. roll down a hill
  17. sit at the window and watch it rain
  18. play telephone
  19. move toys to different rooms-it makes kids feel like the are new
  20. go to pet store
  21. plan tour of fire station-i think better with a few friends
  22. plan tour of police station
  23. visit a nursing home
  24. tour cold stones-free unless you want ice cream
  25. build tent with table and blankets
It took me some time but I found my last 25 things. Remember to play and have fun with your kids today.

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