Thursday, April 24, 2008

Teaching Sign Language

As you may know my husband is deaf. I have been trying to think of a way to teach the girls nanny and for other people to teach their children sign. Today when clean Girlygirl's room it hit me. When I saw Sesame Street learning cards I knew how to teach sign. I can use the cards to to teach the signs for the words. They are great because they are things you do everyday. So not only working with the cards but when you do everyday things you can sign to your child. Girlygril is only 23 months and has more signs than I can count. If you are worried about using sign because your child will talk late (although true for Girlygirl) that is not true. Girlygirl now can say as much as my friends kids but she signs different words too. So able to tell me much more. If you don't know sign I found a great site more for kids but the best I have found yet. The best of luck to you. Sign is a great way to "talk" with you young child.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You can do it

Tonight I was watching a movie about a fat girl who got voted prom queen. At one point in the movie the mom of the fat girl said to her daughter "You didn't need me to protect you; you just need me to support you." Now that is something to think about for any parent to think of. No matter what your child needs you to be there to say you can do it and how can I help. Your little one learning to walk, talk and play. Doesn't need you to say don't do that it is not safe but here let me help you learn how to do it safe. If you child wants to slide help him learn how to clam up. Don't do it for him just help him learn to do it. You may think it is too hard for your little one but don't stop them be there to pick them up when they fall. As you child grows the support moves to things like school and friends. You will not be able to keep them from being hurt or having a hard times. You can be there to help them with what they are trying to do and teach them what they want to learn. Your child may want read a book that is too hard but don't stop them be there to help with the words they don't know. Or maybe they need to learn something that is hard for them don't just not teach it help them push through it. No matter what our job as parents are to teach our children what they need when they grow up. Remember they need to fall to know they are okay when they get up. Hey you maybe shocked how well they do.

Illinois Museum

Today I  have been looking for more stuff to do. I found this great web site that list Museum all over the state of Illinois. I just wanted to save it. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Sorry for the long break. I have had a crazy life. My basement flooded and we have not been able to stay at our house. I am back now and hope if there are any readers out there they haven't left.