Friday, February 15, 2008

Why I want to adopt

I guess you could say I have always wanted to adopt a child from the states. I young child waiting for a family.  I know that there are so many children here waiting for a family. I want to be able to do that.  I remember telling Sweetdude that if he didn't think you could ever adopt then we maybe shouldn't get married. He was shocked by my words but knew it must mean something to me.  I am not sure why now I feel is the time to start looking for the child God has planned for me to have from day one but I do. I haven't yet talk to Sweetdude about the timing in which it will happen but I know it is not too far off until we start everything. If that mean it is a month or a year so something else I am not sure. I know it is in God's hands and he know what will happen next. I can't wait to see the next step.

Letter B

Yesterday and today we work on some letter b stuff. Five is loving making the book.  We having been doing most of the stuff while Girlygirl is napping. She does join us for some of it.  Yesterday Five made a butterfly and did her B work sheet. Today I don't have pictures to add.  Five made a Bobby B because she likes to make the letter people. Both girls glued buttons on to a B shape. I wrote on them B is for buttons. They also both made a Big Bird. I flattened them to add to the notebooks. I don't have my camera with me but I will add pictures soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wanting More Kids

I really want more children. I can have more but I am going to start looking into foster care. I have always had a heart for it and I can't wait to start. I am going to start reading more about what I have to do. So because this blog is about what I am learning I will be sharing it here with all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Letter A

Today we worked on the letter A to add to our notebooks. We made four things. The first was this Angie the letter a person Five's is above on the left at the bottom. I just printed to pattern and let the girls color them while I got ready the stuff to paint with apples. To get ready I put paint on paper plates and cut an apple in half. (I cut it in the mild not from top to bottom then I could show Five and Girlygirl the star in an apple) They then painting with the apples. Five made two and Girlygirl did on with my help.  Five also glued apple seeds to a cut out of the letter A and did a letter a work sheet. I was planning to do it all week but both girls wanted to do more. We will see how the next letters go.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

(Child's Name) Hunt Game

Tonight I was baby sitting again. I offten baby sit on nights and weekends to get extar money. Anyways back to my story. The kids where both preschool age and had just learned The Bear Hunt song. They loved it. They wanted to play a new game. So I came up with (Child's Name) Hunt ie: Franki Hunt. I had them take turns hiding in their rooms (so we knew where to go.) While signing The bear hunt song replacing the word bear with the child's name we started in the kitchen and went around the house making up what thing where and how we get around it. The hall was a river we had to swing a cross. A rug was mud. The table was a road we had to go under. I let the kids come up with stuff and they didn't follow the song. When we got to the room/cave we would run back to the kitchen the same way we came trying not to get taged my the kid who was the bear. We had great fun and you may too.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Homeschool Preschool: Alphabet Crafts

Today I went to library to find some books for our alphabet notebooks. I found two great books with art for each letter. They are both by Kathy Ross. One is call Letter Shapes. In it the take the shape of each letter and make into something that starts with that letter. In the other called Letter Sounds has one smiple craft for each letter of the alphabet. We will be starting with the letter a next week. I can't wait. I will show you what we do.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Letter Hunt

Here is another great alphabet game called Letter Hunt. Use your Abc's in a Bag bag for this game or make one. Have the child(ren) pick out one letter tell each child to find something in the house that starts with that letter. You can have the child tell you what the found, draw it, and/or bring it to.

Our Own Alphabet Notebook Part One

Today I need to find something for Five to do to keep her out of   sitting in front of the TV. So we went to Walmart  to get stuff to make our own Alphabet notebooks. I got enough stuff for both Five and Girlygirl to make one. Here is a list of what we got. 
  • 2 binders
  • a lot of alphabet sticker
  • 2 packs of sheet protectors 60 in each
  • glue
  • and some stuff for the letters. I will blog about them as we do each letter
When we got home I printed of letters I only got to "S" before we ran out of paper. Five sat down and colors them to add to her notebook well Girlygirl took her nap.  Both girls add stickers to the front of their binders and I but their names on the side.


I was trying to clean up before my mom/boss (the mom of the girl I take care of) got home. Girlygirl was having a hard time and  I need to be help. I asked Big Sis to read to her. Girlygirl stay there for the whole book. What did this teach me. Just ask for help. When asking kids to help don't just say help me but tell them how they can help you. Big Sis loved it because she was watching Girlygirl. Remember this next time you need help.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

preschool notebook

I found this great way to do a notebook for preschoolers. I have seen may different things about notebooking and this is a great way to bring it to the preschoolers. 

Great Blog

I found a blog today with great idea on it. I really like how Shelly show us what she does so we can copy it. I love the chart she use each week. I can't wait to copy the ideas at Our Preschool Homeschool Blog. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

ABC Games

The other day I was baby sitting for a friend and they had some good game to help their 3 year old learn her abc's. Here is their games and other ways to help them too.

Abc's in a Bag

what you need: a brown lunch bag, index card, maker. To Make: They let the girl color the bag while mom put one letter on each index card. How to play: have you child dump all the cards on the ground. Then they need to look for the letters the know and came tell you. If they are right the card goes in to the bag if not you tell them the name and put it in the pill to find again. (side note for their older daughter they but words on the card for her to find)

Alphabet I Spy

nothing is needed for this game but the world around you. How to play: look around and find something ie: a fan then say I spy something that starts with "f ". If the child does not say fan first but four say "good that starts with f but I found something esle that also starts with f". Don't say wrong if it the letter is right. I spy can be played with colors and letter sounds too.

Letter of the Day

What you need: pen and paper. How to play: pick a letter then whenever someone see something that starts with the choicen letter you write the letter on the paper. (ie: if the letter is f when someone see the fan you write one f on the paper.) At the end of the day/game see how many words you found that start with that letter. If you play everyday you can keep track of how many of each letter you find. Then see what was the most and the least making it also a math leason.

ABC Memory

What you need: Metal juice can lids, alphabet stickers (can be upper and/or lower case.) Before you play: put sticker on lids make sure there is two of each letter. How to play: mix the lids up. Then lay then face down having the kids find the matching letters. You can do this with other stickers too.

Now for a list of toys I think that may be wroth buying with the alphabet to help the learning: magnets, puzzels, coloring books, books and movies.

Great place to find games and more is at this web site: