Friday, August 1, 2008

Homeschool Preschool: The Jar

The Jar is just full of stuff found around my house that I thought Girlygirl could play with.  I got the idea from Guilt Free Homeschooling. Carolyn uses it as a math tool for children to do sorting. Look at her blog for ideas.  Right now Girlygirl really just plays with it at table time. I am sure it will later change as more of a teaching tool. I found a dog treat jar at the Dollar Store.
I filled it with all kinds of fun stuff. Look at the pictures and list for ideas. You  don't need to buy any thing.
In The Jar:
  • fake followers
  • old caps
  • foam letters
  • clothes pins
  • pompoms
  • paper clips
  • an few old game pieces
  • army men
  • baby spoons
  • small meal toys
  • broken wand top
When making your jar just add things you have in the house if you don't have much to start that is fine things will show up later. I plan to add more and change ours as time goes on.

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