Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tot School

I am joining in an other thing. I look forward to doing this. It will be great to look back on what I did with Girlygirl over the weeks. This sounds even more fun to me includes my love to photos and watching Girlygirl play and grow. We we go with my first post about Tot School.
We played in the snow at auntie's house.
We all worked together to make a snow man. We played with blocks and practiced sharing without being bossy.Painted our red color bag. She cut and glued for table time.We read in the chair. This picture is after I was told to move. She needed more room for books Tot School
Go cheek out what others are doing for Tot School this week and remember to play with you kids today.


ScrappinAway said...

I am participating for the first time and wanted to see what others were doing! That is too funny about being told to move, you gotta love that she was liking the books!

Carisa said...
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Carisa said...

OK, I was commenting on two blogs at once it seems, sorry for my last comment, it was meant for "Striving for Simplicty" and I actually got the comment boxes mixed up-so much for multi-tasking!

For you though, THANK you for joining Tot School, it is very exciting to see our online network of moms grow so much. Your daughter is adorbale and I look foward to seeing your posts each week!
:) Carisa

Amy said...

Wow the network of tot school moms really is growing. I think I found six new posters this week and thought I'd say welcome to you all. I read for a few months before actually posting for the first time a few weeks ago. Hope we can all share ideas and learn from each other how to best help our tots learn.