Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Tots

What are the best ways to have a happy toddler?
  1. They must nap every day
  2. Have rules and help them learning them
  3. play with them
  4. Include them
  5. Remember their age

Now for my thoughts on the list. Yes I did put them in the that order for a reason. I think that tots and even most preschoolers need a nap everyday at least a quit time on the beds. We live in a world that thinks it is good to get as much as you can done on as little as sleep as possible. I will not get into that but don't do it to you kids. Some kids are more willing than others to sleep but I do think it is the parents job to make sure they get what they need. If you kid is unhappy a lot of the time for no reason my guess is he needs more sleep.

That brings me to point number two having rules. I don't think you should have a house run like the army rules for everything. You need to think about what is most important to you and make rules about it. For me a big one with grilygirl is listening when she is called. So if her dad or I call her name she must stop what she is doing and come. If she doesn't I go to her and get so I am looking in her eyes and say "Mommy called you must come" in a firm but none yelling voice. I think hold her hand and we walk to where I was when I called her. I then go on with what I wanted her to come in the first place. You don't have to be mean or punish you kids to teach them. Just do the same thing each time they will learn.

Again you are not the army so you can have fun. I think young children learn so much by playing with others. I also think it brings them great joy when that other is mom or dad. Getting down on the flour and building with the blocks they never touch will not only be fun for your child but you can each them. Just by talking about what you are doing it helps them learn new words. When you are play try to talk as much as possible give your child a turn to talk too. Even if he doesn't have words yet. Another way to play with your child is to read and we have all heard how important that is. When playing with your kids you show them you are willing to do what they like to do.

Yeah but with all we have to do the time we have to play is not very much so don't leave them out when you are with them. Make you time count. That means let them "help". I know it may take longer to let a toddler help you but before long he will be a kid then a teen if helping is what they have always done they will just keep helping. Plus tots love to "help". There are times they can't help. That is fine let them know that. Girlygirl is only 16 months I need her out of my way when I am cooking. I will often first try to get her to play something before I start. By getting out some books or a toy she loves. She will then play for some of the time I am cooking. When she comes to see what I am doing I tell her "Mommy is cooking right now" I pick her up and show her the food talk about it a little. I then tell her "I need to finish now. You can sit her and watch or go play more if you want." I then put her down and let her choice what she wants do to. But she has to pick one of the things I said. She can't hang on my leg. If she does I put her in her the spot I told her to sit. Yes sometimes she will cry. I tell her why I did that and she can go play if she wants. Then I go back to cooking even if she is crying. Crying because she is mad will not hurt her or I.

All that being said remember your tot is not a baby nor a kid. Some where stuck in the middle so know your tot and do what is best for him. Each toddler and family is different so nothing is a one size fits all or even most.

Good luck and remember to enjoy the time you have with you toddler soon he will be a kid.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

No one But Me

How great does it sound to have a day all alone? No kids no husband just me time. I look forward to this days. I am not sure why. What I am going to do now? Clean but then I look down and there is no girlly girl trying to help. No sweet dude or girlly girl make me stop and laugh. No one to tell the thing I just thought of. Just me and the dog who wants nothing to do with me. I guess it goes to show you need those you love. I hope I remember this day when I want to be with no one but me.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Who I am?

Who I am? That is a good question that is hard to answer. What makes me who I am? I am Mary a child of God. I am a Mom to my girly girl. I am wife to my over worked loving husband. I am a scrapbooker. I am a Californian that has become a Chicagoan. I am a nanny. I am a sister and a daughter. I am a friend. But do any of these things tell you who I am? No not really it tells you what I do with my life and where I live. Not my heart or what I am like. When I am asked I always say them. How can I explain my heart or what I am like without sounding big headed or like I am not who I say I am? So for now I will tell you what I like. The more you read you will see who I am.


Welcome to A Mom Learning More Everyday. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, experiacnes, and feeling. I have done a few short enteries already but now want to tell a little more about what you will read hear at A Mom Learning More Everyday. You will read about why I blog and what I hope to share. This is just an over look of A Mom Learning More Everyday.
Why I Started
I have enjoyed the blogs I read and thought why don't I do that. At first I thought, "My writing is not very good and I have nothing to write about." I still keep thinking how fun it would be so I thought why not. Even if it is only for me to write my thoughts it will be great. Now I blog about my life.
My Family
As you read you will get to know my family. I have been married for only fours years. Here on A Mom Learning More Everyday, I will call my husband Sweet Dude. (read more in a post to come). He is a great guy with a big heart. He is over worked. Leaving me at home with our daughter, GirlyGirl, most the time. GirlyGirl is only 16 months but she is for sure her own person. She loves all things girlly. We hope to homeschool her but that is not for 4 more years. We also have a 2 year old lab Mikey. He is a crazy dog and always into everything. We also have a cat, Troble and yes that is her real name.
Where We Live
The three of us and our dog and cat live in Chicagoland. Our house is small but I have learned to love it. It is only one bed room. Sweet Dude and I sleep in the basement. We do have a huge yard.
Me Me Me!
So now about me the writer of A Mom Learning More Everday.  Frist off I am a Christian. I try to sever my heavenly father in all areas of my life. I will do so on this blog too.  As you read before I am a mom to one. I love being a mom and I look forward to having more kids. I tell people all the time I was made to be a mom. Right now I still have to work. It was never my plan to work but God is amazing. He opened many doors for me. I am a nanny. I get to bring GirlyGirl with me. That is greater than I ever would have thought.  Moving on I am still young at only 25 I have a lot to learn about life. I guess you could see why I picked the name then. I hope that I look for leasons in my life for my whole life.  I love crafts. I do them with the kids I nanny all the time. I also love to do crafts my self.  For about the past 9 years I have been scrapbooking. I have great fun putting all my scrapbooks together and looking at them when I need a pick me up. 
Thanks for stopping by I hope you keep reading to learn more about me.