Friday, January 30, 2009

Preschool Craft time: Coffee Filter Butterfly

Preschool Craft time: Coffee Filter Butterfly These are great fun but a little messy to make it. Step One: Gather 1 or 2 coffee filter(s) and 1 1/2 pipe cleaner. A cup of water, water colors paint and bushes. Young kids have fun using more than one brush. You may put down pager on table because paint does go through the filter. (I don't mind cleaning up the mess so didn't do this.) Step Two: paint the filters and let dry.
Step three: If using two filters put together. Then pinch mild together. (like in picture above.)
Step Four: Wrap the half a pipe cleaner (the are easy to cut with scissors) around where you pinched it. Step Five: Place the whole pipe cleaner through the pipe cleaner that is there. Fold in half and twist together. This is held to make the butterflies fly. Girlygirl loved that she made something she can play with.

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