Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughts about FTJ

Today is the 8Th day of FTJ and I have not done much. Sweet Dude's work is not going good and for the next 5 weeks they all only are working 4 days. So our spending freeze maybe a little long than the 3 weeks as we have to just buy what we needed until things get better there. I have done really good thus far. I did have to buy Sweet Dude his get better stuff (cold meds, OJ, and ice cream) but I had a gift card for that. I also but my self some sunflower seeds that was not on the list but for some reason when I find out bad news they make me happy and at $1 I gave in. I have worked on the net wroth but need Sweet dude's help with a few parts of it and he is sick so I trying not to bug him. When he gets sick he acts half way to died. I try to just give him more love not more things I want from him. I hope to work on that and our Mission Statement over the weekend. I have about 50 things on my dream list. I am now going to work on my stuff some more.

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