Sunday, January 25, 2009

Operation Playtime Day 6 of 12: Get outside

Today operation playtime is about outside play. This is something I have not been good at this winter. With there always being snow on the ground and how cold it is been it is not something I want to do. Also with my old job I didn't have much time to do anything fun. The last time we really played outside was Monday we made a snow man and Girlygirl played with some sand toys. Today we are going to go to see the husky dogs at the Arboretum. That will be fun and a great way to get out. I will add pictures later.
I am going to try to get outside more to play with Girlygirl. Remember to play with your kids today.

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Melitsa said...

Look at all that snow! Love the snowman's hat. Now seeing the husky dogs sounds like fun. I'll pop back later.
Thanks for joining in.