Monday, March 15, 2010

Movie Review: Gigi's Big Break

I joined Book Sneeze to review books and stuff. I wasn't sure I'd find anything I'd want to review but with in the first week I found a Gigi movie. I knew we loved to other Gigi movie we have as well as the book; so I look forward to getting Gigi's Big Break . It has two 2 stories in it. White Lies is about a lie Gigi told and how it grew and made her felt after each lie. This one was a little over Girlygirl's head and she didn't get that what Gigi was tell was a lie. The Pink Surprise talks about the good and bad parts of have a baby in your house. Girlygirl loved it she wants a baby bother or sister so bad.  When the movie was over she said "Again! Again! That my favorite."
You can find Gigi's Big Break on amazon for $13.49. If you have not heard of Gigi I would reccommand them. Though White Lies was over Girlygirl head I love how it shows a Christian family. So Gigi's Big Break get a 4 out of 5.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A New Blessing from God

God has blessed my family much. We have a house just big enough for my family. We fit in just perfect. All our bills our paid and we never go with out food. That is more to say than a lot of people. We also have a daughter who loves God at the tender age of three. She has more than she could ever what. More than that we have been able to take three kids great kids each summer. Now because of things I will not talk about right now. We are going to have Mr. Man the oldest of the three come stay with us for a year or two. We look forward to the joy and learning that will happen for our whole family as we add a fourteen year old boy to our family.  We are counting to the days until March 20th as this is the day he will come. I look forward to sharing what I learn from this great young man. Remember all God has given you and share what you can with others.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Christian Wife: It is all about them

There were days I felt lots in the craziness of being a wife and mom. I felt that I needed more. I needed someone to meet my wants. I want to sit around and do nothing after work. I wanted to be able to be worry free and tell some else to clean the house. I wanted to have Sweet Dude fix everything for me and make me happy. I wanted it to be all about me. Then I read Proverbs 14:1 A wise women strengthens her family but a foolish women destroys hers by what she does. Then it hit me. I need to be a women who cares for her family more than myself. I need to be a women who does things t o bring her family together. If that means I do the cleaning and being the one worrying and my wants don't always get meet; so be it. I need to trust God. He made me the wife the glue to keep my family together. I have seen families fall part because the women wasn't the glue. I don't want that to happen to family. So as I say I need to be the glue or as it is in Proverbs I need to strengthen my family everyday. What are some ways we can strengthen our families?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Goals Update for Feburary

This month I was sick and didn't do much of anything. First I puled a muscle which hurt so bad I went to the doctor. I was told to rest. That got better and then I went and got a cold. Yeah for me:(. Any how here is my update
  1. I want my house to be cleaner today than yesterday. I chose to word it this way because it will be easy to succeed. If I tell myself I need to clean a lot I do nothing but if I start small most often I will clean more. Most days my house was about the same as yesterday. Not much cleaner and some days much messier. I need to do some real cleaning now that I am feeling better.
  2. Join Bible Study. After moving from California I have gotten farther and farther away from God. So finding a good Bible study I thought would be a good step in getting close to God again. I love Coffee Break and though I missed this week I can't wait to go next week.
  3. Read though the Bible this year. I have a great book called the Life Journal that I am using. I started at the end of last year. What a blessing reading the Bible with a guide has been. This is one thing I keep up great with.
  4. Teach Girlygirl more. I do a lot with Girlygirl but after my summer kids left this last summer. I got very sad after hearing more of their story back home and not having a choice but to send them back there. Well, you can see I did no Tot School this month but Girlygirl did lots of learning. She loves to write letters (through hard for her), cutting and gluing. We read a lot because I didn't want to move around much. I hope to do much better on this in March.
  5. Help Mr. Man learn how to live a productive live. This is a new one. I will post soon about Mr. Man but he is coming to live with me. His home life has been hard for him. I got the paper to sign him up for school. I have also read some books about teens and how to help children in school. He will come here this month so the real work will begin.
Here is to a new month and doing better. Now time to get up and make it all happen.