Monday, January 28, 2008

Finding Friends

In my last post I talked about doing the Fire Station with the play group. I knew Girlygirl and Five need to get out and play with other kids so I went looking for a playgroup. I found my on meet up I have really gotten to know the other moms and mad great friends. Each group on there is different but I found lost close to me and maybe you can too. I like being to have the girls get out and do fun stuff with other kids. After join the group we started going out 2 to 3 times a week and both girls are so much happier. Now that it is winter we do lots of inside stuff but they get to run and play. Even when they don't get to run and play just getting out of the house is wroth it. They both love the days we go out and the days we stay home now.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day Tirp with the Kido

The other day I was reading a book and it list all kind of things to do with the kids when they are at home with you. I am going to copy the list so you and I have it when we are looking for things to do.

  • Fire Station-we just did this with our play group although girlygirl is too young. Five (one girl I baby sit). Had tons of fun so did the other preschooler.
  • Artist Studio
  • big building down town
  • auto body shop
  • bridal shop
  • dairy
  • farm
  • hospital-see the babies
  • Library-I let each kid pick out two books and I get one to read Five when are waiting to pick Big Sis (other girl I baby sit) from school. Would be great to do before bed with older preschoolers. Five loves it.
  • movies-find the cheep ones near you
  • museum-find the children one. we have one not too far from here and all three girls love it.
  • newspaper
  • nursing home- bring gifts, go more than once get to know the people
  • park- have a picnic, go weekly or daily
  • pet store-one with pets are fun ask if you can pet the dog or cat
  • plays-I see many for young ones but haven't tried it yet
  • police station
  • restaurant-try to set up seeing the back in a less busy time
  • work-visit daddy's or a friend's
  • zoo

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

links and what I think

www.dltk-kids.comThis link has little of everything. It has great letter, number, shapes and writing acttivities. As well as Bible, Charactors and much more. For me this looks like an everything site for preschool at home. One of my favorite things about it is that it looks easy to do with just one kid although it could be done with more. It starts with stuff for kids as young as two to do. I like that lots. I know that lots of sites I have found are good for older ones. great site take a look. This site has some great themes to use. From looking at the site I would say it is not the best but again most the stuff can be done with just one child. They have great printables too. It would be helpfull but not the only site you could use. I love the idea of getting girlygirl to do thing with her favorit book or other thing at the time to bring learning alive.

more for me

I think I don't really know what to write about that people want to read. Plus I am not a writer and become over whelmed with the thought of writing for others. So for now I will just write the things I am learning about. I know to some it may seem odd but I love to look around for great new things to learn. I was never good at school and I still don't like school much but now that I am big (25). I like to find new things to learn and spend lots of time on that one thing. Right now that I home schooling. Because girllygirl is so young right now I spend lots of time trying to figure what to do in her preschool years. So to keep track of all my thoughts I will be putting them here. If  you found me this may help you too. If not thanks for looking and I am sure there will be lots of other stuff. But again this is going to be kind of like my file place at least for now.