Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Starting Preschool Time

I will start in January having time with Girlygirl each morning learning different things. I will call it preschool time. We will do lost of fun stuff. Each month we will theme. Starting with E the first letter of her name then moving on from there. The first week will talk about E over all. Then the last three week we  will focus on one thing starting with that letter. I will post what I plan to do then what really happens. I think this will be fun but we will see. Girlygirl does do preschool like stuff with my sister and loves it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can I have an Affordable trip to Disney World?

Sweetdude and I and been talking about take Girlygirl to Disney before she was born. She will be three next year and we hope to go in December of 2009 or before if they have a good deal. We are trying to do it with only using cash. This will be new for us. All our vacations have been put on credited cards that we are just now paying off. So in hopes of making it without adding debt I have already started planning how we can make the trip affordable.
My first step was making a bank to save money in. To do this I cleaned out and old apple sauce. I placed the lid on and cut a hole that a quarter can fit though. I then hot glued the lip on. I put Disney stickers on the front to help Girlygirl understand as she helps save money. I put $25 a week in the jar and all my change. Girlygirl puts $0.25 a week in the jar too. I want her to help save so has something invested in the trip too.
My next plan is to go when they are have a good deal or better yet win a trip. I have found a great web site called On it they keep an up to date list of what deals Disney is having at both Disney World and Disney Land in California. I look there often. Right now the have a great deal and I almost did it but then I would have had to stop my debt free trip. In order to get the best deal we are trying to be flexible in looking for a good deal any time from the fall of 2009 to early 2010. By not having a set date we want to go we hope to be able to find the best deal. I saw that ABC new in Chicago was giving a trip away so I signed up to win one. I plan to look for more ways to win a trip but not getting my hopes up.
We are also staying flexible with how we get there. We are not sure if it will be cheaper to fly or drive so we are just waiting to see what the prices are when we know the date we will go. If do fly it will because we saved money doing so. I have found lots of other tips. Be posting them soon. I just have run out of time today. If you are going to Disney World too I hope you enjoy your trip. And come back soon for more tips.

Monday, November 10, 2008

100 Free Things to Do With Kids: 51-75

This is getting hard for me now the first 50 where not bad at all but these may get a little silly. This has been fun for me to think of. Here we go with the next 25 free things to do with your child.
  1. teddy bear tea party- can be parten or make lunch into a tea praty
  2. clean house
  3. jump rope
  4. roll down a hill
  5. swing
  6. write a play
  7. act out a play
  8. watch birds
  9. play dress up- don't have dress up clothing? use your clothing
  10. play house
  11. catch butterflies
  12. make sock puppet
  13. feed birds- use old bread
  14. play hide and seek
  15. paint the sidewalk with water
  16. kick a can
  17. plan/take an imaginary trip
  18. make mud pies
  19. visit elderly person
  20. tell jokes
  21. trust walk
  22. tell story three words at a time
  23. play I spy
  24. lunadery basket ride-until they can't fit in the basket kids love to be puled/pushed in a basket
  25. play momory
Wow I made it to 75. When I come up with 25 more I will post the next one. I hope you got new ideas of things to do with your children or maybe just got an oh I should do that monet. Remember to have fun with your children offten. Here are 1-25 and 26-50

Friday, November 7, 2008

Back Yard Scavenger hunt

If you have read my 100 free things to do with kids post then you may have say that I said do  back yard/living room scavenger hunt. You do not need to have stuff to hide. Just make a list of this for your children to find. Maybe get them a bag to hold the stuff. For older kids you can have them draw and write about what  they find if you want. You can make it so the learn new stuff of just have fun. Here are some thought about what you can find.
  • sticks-tell how many or how big
  • flowers-name a color
  • rocks
  • toys you have
  • water hose
  • bird-tell the kind
  • leafs-tell how many or what kind
  • weeds
  • animals-your pet or something that you see off ten in your backyard like a cat or bunny
That is all I can think of right now but you could add to the list if you have more ideas. This would be a great way to get your kids outside and moving. Here are a few great list that I found online.
Happy hunting.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Crafts: 5 Leaf Craft Projects

All this crafts are things you can do with all those leaves in your front and back yard during the fall months. Ours are just now really falling so I put this together kind of late in the fall but here are 5 leaf crafts I found or have done with the kids.
  1. make a tree-picture on right of Girlgirl's (I did the glue)
  2. Weave Leafs
  3. paint them-can just paint or use as stamps
  4. Leaf Match
  5. make leaf people
I hope that you still have time to enjoy some of these this year but if not maybe next. We just did 1 and 3 this year but I really liked the others so hopefully I get a chance to do them next year. I hope you take the time to enjoy what God has made and talk to your kids about it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

100 Free Things to Do With Kids: 26-50

To keep it going here is 25 more free things to do with your children. Sorry I don't know how to change to numbers.
  1. Go to play area at mall
  2. go to book store or toy store with a play area
  3. watch parade
  4. make paper airplane
  5. cut a pictures of wants from ads
  6. roller skate
  7. go to museum free day
  8. rake leaves then jump in pile
  9. camp in back yard
  10. go for a drive in the county or hills
  11. get big free box make it to something fun
  12. snow ball fight
  13. play baseball
  14. play football
  15. play kickball
  16. make up stories
  17. dance
  18. watch fire works
  19. Butterflield open gym-this year starts Jan on Tuesdays-Thursday 12-2
  20. do yoga
  21. learn new language
  22. exercise
  23. back yard/living room scavenger hunt
  24. bear hunt
  25. back yard relay
Remember your children love to play with you so don't let anything keep you from doing it at least from time to time. Enjoy your next fun day with you kids for free and come back to find out the next 50 things.

Monday, November 3, 2008

100 Free Things to Do With Kids: 1-25

After reading some old post on Mommy Savers a great site I just found that is all about great ways to live with the money you got. I am got a great idea for a blog. Here is my first 25 great free things to do with your kids.
  1. Go to the Library
  2. Read books
  3. Rent movie-free from library
  4. go to park
  5. go on walk
  6. make tent with blankets and table better eat lunch in it
  7. ride bikes
  8. Cosley Zoo
  9. Lay in grass and talk nothing to say or kids to young look for pictures in the clouds
  10. cook together-try to do it with stuff you have at home
  11. play game
  12. write letters/make picture for daddy
  13. build snowman
  14. run in sprinkler-hopefully not same day you build a snowman
  15. call a friend to come over for play date
  16. trade toys with a friend
  17. play tag
  18. do each others hair
  19. play in the rain
  20. play ball with the dog
  21. snuggle on couch
  22.  fill bag with toys to give away
  23. story time
  24. picnic at park
  25. teach them something new
Come back tomorrow for more of the 100 things. Remember spending time with you kids is one of the best ways to use your time.