Monday, January 26, 2009

New Ideas For Preschooler

I was looking at a book my sister has and I got new ideas I would like to try with Girlygirl. I love finding new things that I have not tried that will work for us to do at home. For snack time I found a great idea to had Animals in the Mud. All I need is animal cookies in chocolate fostering. Just have the animals standing in the fostering. I think I will be a good thing when we talk about animals. For art/craft time I got lots ideas. Some are more simple like; scribble bookmark, torn paper or fabric collage. A few will be made out of shoe boxes. Treasure box made out of a shoe box covered in construction paper. You can choice to decorate the box with stickers and by coloring. We will use it to hold all the treasures of a two year old and as she grows. Show box garage simply cut whole in front to fit toy cars in. Again you and decorate however you want. I am sure the kids will not care if it is just a box with a hole for their cars. Mail box is made just like the garage you can decorate or just cut a hole to get the mail. (I plan to make the mail box this week I will blog about it when we are done) Car wheel painting is a great and easy thing to do. Just get or make a shallow box make sure it is big enough to fit your paper. Roll toy cars in paint then in box. Or you can just put a few drops of paint in the box and roll the car around on them. I have never used a car but when I worked in a preschool we did it with balls it work it was a great hit. I found three other things I am not sure what category they'd be in. I still look forward to trying them. Falling ball tunnel (I think can work for cars too) you need a cardboard mail tube, a towel, cookie sheet and masking tape. To make the falling ball tunnel you roll towel and place on cookie sheet. Then place the mail tube long way on the cookie sheet with towel holding one end high on the other end on the cookie sheet. Tape all three together do not cover the holes. A cheep great game is what is in here. All you need is a pillowcase, tube socks and things to hide in the socks/ pillow case. There are two ways to play you can just put things in the pillow case and let your child play with them. They may dump the all out then put back in or just take out one at a time. The other way to play is to hide things in the tube socks and then in pillow case. The last sounds easy but I never thought of it. It is called laundry basket ball. It is just like it sounds you throw a ball in the laundry basket. The other idea was to use rolled up socks. I can't wait to play these with Girlygirl. Remember to play with your kids today.

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