Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mommy Time!

I have to been taking care of 5 kids all summer long. Let me tell you on the days I don't give me time to do what I want no one is happy. So a few times a day I have the kids do something that I can have me time. Here is what the kids do that gives me my time:
  • tv-In the morning right after we get to work all the kids can watch tv. They do not always do it but they know for that hour I get a break. 
  • quite time-most my kids are too big for a nap. We all do quite time in the afternoon. For an hour and half after lunch. The first 30 min I am getting Girlygirl down for a nap and cleaning up lunch.
  • early bed time-When Mr. Man and Tomboy first got here I thought it would be good to let them stay up until 9 or 10. I soon saw I need that time for me.
There is nothing wrong with taking time for you. Sometimes I clean sometimes I read sometimes I blog. It is good for me.

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