Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Claiming You Car Back

I don't know about you but my car and get crazy at time. Girlygirl crying while the big ones fight over who looked at who first. I have found that car boredom leads to all kinds of crazy things. The best way to bring the peace back to your car is have a plan to beat he boredom. I have learned a few great things.
  • books on tape (if your car is new than my cds)- We just have picture books and each child has a turn holding the book. So we listen to each book up to 5 times. Most the time it works out good if they know when their turn will come. They have all enjoyed listening to the book even when they don't hold it. I do give Girlygirl a book to hold all the time.
  • puppets- They do shows for each other or have them talk to each other. It can get loud at times but they do stay happy.
  • play "I spy"- by saying "I spy with my little eye something..." then say a color, letter, number, shape ect. The bonus to this game is the little one will work on what the need to.
  • play punch bug- We changed it and we all play together that way fights don't break out. On who saw it first. For those of you don't know it is a game that counts how many VW Beatles you see.
  • I keep a bag of fast food toys under my sit. Then when I need something for the kids to do it is handy. For some reason kids love these and are small and good for the car.
  • flash cards- Right now Mr. Man and Tomboy are working on multiplication so we do flash cards well in the card. They take turns keeping the cards they get right. At the end who ever has the most gets a "Friday Buck" (more about them tomorrow.)
  • Bingo- (We have not done this yet because my printer is not working.) Make pictures/words of things find while driving red car, school bus, trees, cow, walking people, ect. on a bingo like board then give one to each kid and a pen. As a child see something on their list they call it our and mark it off.
  • kids camera- (again I don't do this my old boss did. If i had them I would.) They are great you can DL pictures to your computer if you want or just delete them and let the kids go again. It will keep the busy for a long time. 
  • magnify glass-you will be amazed at how fun they are. Keep one for each child or be ready for its not fair. Let the kids look at the world with them.
  • coloring & activity books/pages- you can get them cheep at most stores the Dollar Tree has hundreds. With them you will need pencils, crayons, ect.
  • Talk to them- If they are older talking to them about something you know they like. If you have kids in the car join in the talking. For little ones talk about what you see around you use colors of thing , reading signs whatever you can think of.
  • King's Silence- You just have to teach them when you say 1...2....3...king silence that it is time to be quite. Remember it is good to talk to your kids in the car so don't over use this one.
Good luck in the car if you are driving near or far may it be in peace.

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