Thursday, July 24, 2008

Adoption: Different thoughts

We have always planned to have two kids and adopt two kids when our two where about 8 years old. Things have changed for me. I think that the time is now. I don't even know if I want to have another kid. I don't like being pregnant and I hated the c-section. Even the thought of going though 9 months of all that make me want to sleep. (know weired but true) I feel that for some reason I need to adopt a kid now. Like start calling people today. Sweetdude is scared about adopting and thinks we should stay with our plan. So for now I wait and we try to have another baby like planned as I pray God changes Sweetdude's mind.


whoisbaby said...

we want to try to have another kid too but being pregnant while taking care of a very active toddler that needs much of the attention scares me. i worry i can't stay calm all the time during pregnancy. my son is now 2 yrs 4 months, i think is time to start trying but it is not always successful.

whoisbaby said...

good luck!