Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tot School: Week Four

~30 Months~
This week was a long one. Both my sitters got the same flu I had last week so we had my nephews this 3 days this week. Luckily not all the same day. We also had MOPS this week. Both Girlgirl and I love MOPS. I had great plans for this week but most of them didn't happen but we still had lots of fun.We cut coupons. Well I did she cut up the ToyRUs ad. She has loved her Little People this week. She got them out everyday.Water paint page. We danced and talked about shapes using our Elmo's Dance and Learn Mat. Glitter Glue. Lots of fun. Stacking buckets. Played Spin and Go from the Dollar Tree.Music at Aunties house.We played Candy Land for the first time and Girlgirl loved it. We tried to play to times in a row but it was to much for her. We played match the letters with one of her Memory games. Tot School


TheRockerMom said...

Looks like she had a great week! I buy lots of things for RockerTot at the Dollar Tree, too.

Carisa said...

I love your big stacking buckets. We have the little cups, but I really like the big buckets!

Mary said...

Carisa-We love them too. I got the at a garage sale I tried to find them online but couldn't.