Monday, February 9, 2009

Terrible Twos: Tantrums When the Come

Terrible Twos: Tantrums When the Come
No matter what you do all tots have tantrums from time to time. If yours in in like mine some days it feels like they just are not stopping. So here is what I do when Girlygirl just get's do mad and has to tell the world. I believe she has a right to be mad. It is my job to teach her what to do when she is mad.
  1. Go in other room to cry: She may have the right to be mad but I have the right not to hear yell about. The first time she got mad because something didn't go her way. I took her to her room calmly tell her, "You can't yell like that. When you are done please come out." Now most the time I just have to tell her to go to her room. I never send her to her as a punishment.
  2. Ask child to claim down and listen: This works better when they are a little older. Sometime Girlygirl and I are thinking the same thing but she doesn't know it. Sometimes just getting her to listen if I can will stop the tantrum.
  3. Let them know you understand: I often tell Girlygirl something like, " I know you don't want to take a bath. You are having fun playing. Mommy says it is time to take a bath. Can you help we turn on the water." Sometimes she is still mad but a lot of the times she is claims down knowing I understand.
  4. Offer a hug: I try to always give her a hug as she is claiming down or when I am talking to her.
  5. Rap in blancket: Sometimes Girlygirl can't claim down not often but from time to time. I just get a blanket and rap it around her and hold her tight.

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