Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tot School: Week Five

~30 Month~
We did a lot more thab I have picture for this week. I will just talk about the pictures. I will need to keep my camera handi next week.
Sing with Dr. Wonder Workshop. She watch tv this day and we skiped tot school because I had both my nephews here. Playing Letter MatchWe played the Pizza Game. Then she played on her own for a long time.We did an animal sponge capsules. We got them from the Dollar Tree. Play dough is one of Girlygirl's favorites right now.We went to an open gym with a friend.The open gym has so much to practice large motor skills.Sorting foam beads by shape. This is another Dollar Tree find. Play dough again later in a week.Cutting. Last week I saw Carisa use strips of paper so I did the same. If you have not tried it I would Girlygirl was so glad that she could get pieces of paper.Working on the lacing.Looking at one of her baby books. Teaching Cousin One to do Dump and Fill. Well maybe I got more pictures than I thought. If you saw that the trays I used the are just baking pans to see if I want to do the whole tray thing. It looked like good idea but before I put a lot of money in it I wanted to try it out. Tot School

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Joannof10 said...

What a busy week you all had! It looks like a lot of fun at your house!