Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tot School: Week Nine Spring is Here!!

~31 months~
We spend a lot of time outside this week. The weather was great. Girlygirl loves it so much more than last year. We also got some new Tot School table time toys. Girlygirl loved them.We brought Girlygirl's little people to work. The Twins loved playing with them. Girlygirl had to work on sharing. I played with them for a long time and we talked about jobs, animals and colors. The kids all three loved it.Tuesday we went were Larger motor skills are learned endlessly. Here she is on the stairs. Here is she balancing. She spent about half the time at the park walking around she improved her skills a lot by the time we left.shorting Pompoms with tongs. Raping gift for our friends new baby.Gilter Glue. I am not sure why she had to do it on the easel it was not easy. Showing daddy her hard work.Twin Boy has the great marble maze. Girlygirl loved it. I want to get one of these. We worked with our Color Bags. We love them. I don't get picture of them much because she always wants to sit on my lap when we do it. (if you are wonder I am sign shoe in the picture)Girlygirl cleaned she loves to clean. We started talking about Easter and hung some stickers in the window.I bought plastic tooth picks at the Hobby Lobby. Girlygirl match them by color in the plant foam stuff. (FYI: I got the plant foam stuff for a good deal but not worth the mess I would get the regular kind next time) Girlygirl loves the foamEgg match.Thursday she sleep over at my sister's. She is always great at planning things for Girlygirl to do. As a former preschool teach she is great at it. And I think Girlygirl wants to be her when she gets big. We went to the Morton Arboretum (which will be doing a lot of we got passes for Christmas) to ride bikes. We stopped and talked about the buds on the trees. I explained that it was the tree waking up. A closer look. I will be doing more this later. Looking at another tree.Up in the trees. The first time around she was scared and only daddy could help her over come those fears. And by the third and last time around she just followed behind him.
If you are looking for what other are doing just click on the link below.
Tot School


Bernadete said...

looks like they all had a great time!

pucktricks said...

I think we have the same cleaning set from Target. Lots of fun activities there.

TheRockerMom said...

I love the color bags. I need to make something similar for RockerTot. Thanks for sharing.