Monday, March 30, 2009

Reasons to buy a Gallon of Ice Cream

I have been buying gallon ice cream for about a year now. It is not as good as the name brand ice cream so from time to time I do still buy the name brand stuff when it is on sale. I have found lost of reasons to buy a big tub of ice cream.
  1. It is cheaper: There for I get it more often.
  2. The tubs make great buckets for cleaning, play in the sand, etc.
  3. The tubs are a great place for small toys or stuff for table time
  4. I can afford to get topping for my ice cream and it is still cheaper.
  5. I use the tubs for a GB (garbage blow when cooking)
  6. I have a tub with cat food in it.
As you can see I mostly love all the things you can do with the tubs there for saving me even more money. I am glad I have started buying gallon ice cream to save money. What is something you buy and reuse the container it came in? Tell us about it.

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Kim said...

We also buy the frozen concentrate juice in the plastic containers to save money. And the containers work great for storing things and for craft projects. By the way, I love reading your blog. :)