Saturday, March 14, 2009

Three Ways to Get Cheep Sand Toys

I was at Target to buy a gift Girlygirl always likes to look the toys and it is cute to hear her say, "I save money. Not Mommy's money. OWN!" Anyways we went down the lisle with the summer stuff. I was shocked at the price of the toys. So when I got home I thought I'd let all you know what I do to keep sand toys cheep. I would say spend the money to get one nice shovel for each child. I have noticed that with shovels it make a big differences. Other than that here are a few things I do.
1. The Dollar Tree has great cheep sand buckets. At least last year the did they are big and come with a shovel. (the big kids broke them a lot) 2. Save your plastic food tubs; butter, peanut butter, sour cream, etc. are great. The size are fun to making castle (at least for me) 3. A few years ago I had a ton of formula scoops. Whenever I brought them every kid that the pack loved them. I wish I saved more but I trying to get my sitters to save theirs. If you start save your stuff now your kids will have fun all summer at the beach, park or in the back yard sand box.
Remember to play in the sand with the kids they will like it more even if you have nothing. What is your or your child's favorite sand toy?


Mom with the best job in the world! said...

I love free toys that keep the kids busy and creating! My guy loves to push his little bull dozer in the sand.
Another thing we do is I bring a large bowl of water outside and give him a straw. This is his chance to finally blow bubbles in the water! He does that for a long time too!

MotherBear said...

Thanks! We're putting in a sand box right now, so these are really handy ideas.