Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mommy!! A Monster!! A Monster!!!

What do you for your little one who is scared for monsters? I have a few idea I have heard over the years and have been thinking about it a lot because Girlygirl is sure that monsters live in the dark.
  • a scare light-this is just a flash light to shine and see what is there and scare the monster away.
  • monster spray-can be just water or air freshener. I have heard that people make a new label with a monster with an x over him to make it look like it is the real stuff.
  • a night light-if they can see what is there it may be less scary.
  • a brave toy-with a little boy I baby sat in high school he had a loin that was brave and stayed on his bed to keep in safe. Any toy could work.
  • pray-we pray that God will keep her safe and know that God is there with her.

What do you do to keep monsters away from your little on and keep your little one happy at night?


Amy said...

Abbey loves monsters and now ghosts. Whenever she pretends to be them during the day I ask her silly questions about them. Does the monester love to only eat jellybeans? Is the monster very sweet and friendly? Does the monster like to tickle people? When it is night time and she mentions them again we say "Go away monster we don't want to play anymore. Maybe tomorrow. Come back tomorrow" This seems to work and I also remind her that her Larry Boy doll is on the bookcase in her room and since he is a "superhero" he watches over her. She loves to play super heros too. I used to ask her what monster? Elmo or Cookie monster whenever she thought one was in her closet. I also tell her that if she gets scare of monsters then we shouldn't play them anymore....we should just tell them that it's time to go to sleep too becasue Abbey is. This tends to be a issue that we deal with regulary but it doesn't last long when it does come up.

Mary said...

Thanks for the great tips. I am really wondering what to do next with Girlygirl. She really hate them and all the time it is too dark the monster will come. I try to play it down but still let you know I understand she is really scared.