Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Top 5: Favorite Blogs

  1. Preschool and Peace- Written by Kendra who is mom to eight children. I get a lot of encouragement from her. She has great tips to be a mom to young one.
  2. The Crafty Crow- A great place to find ideas of thing to make with and for the kids. It is update Monday-Friday with great links.
  3. 1+1+1=1 is written by Carisa. This is where I found Tot School which I love and she shares a lot about what her homeschooling life looks likes. She does a great job.
  4. Totally Tots has many author and many ideas from its readers.
  5. Chasing Cheerios written by Melissa. She shares a lot of great Montessori style ideas. I don't really have a style of teaching yet but I love her ideas and she does a great job of showing and explaining them.
Bonus site it is new blog and I am very excited about it so it may bump it off of my other top 5 soon. Homeschool Bright and Early written by Mother Bear who plans to post each day. I look forward to getting ideas from she. What is you favorite blog about preschoolers (ages 0-5)?

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