Tuesday, November 4, 2008

100 Free Things to Do With Kids: 26-50

To keep it going here is 25 more free things to do with your children. Sorry I don't know how to change to numbers.
  1. Go to play area at mall
  2. go to book store or toy store with a play area
  3. watch parade
  4. make paper airplane
  5. cut a pictures of wants from ads
  6. roller skate
  7. go to museum free day
  8. rake leaves then jump in pile
  9. camp in back yard
  10. go for a drive in the county or hills
  11. get big free box make it to something fun
  12. snow ball fight
  13. play baseball
  14. play football
  15. play kickball
  16. make up stories
  17. dance
  18. watch fire works
  19. Butterflield open gym-this year starts Jan on Tuesdays-Thursday 12-2
  20. do yoga
  21. learn new language
  22. exercise
  23. back yard/living room scavenger hunt
  24. bear hunt
  25. back yard relay
Remember your children love to play with you so don't let anything keep you from doing it at least from time to time. Enjoy your next fun day with you kids for free and come back to find out the next 50 things.

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