Monday, November 10, 2008

100 Free Things to Do With Kids: 51-75

This is getting hard for me now the first 50 where not bad at all but these may get a little silly. This has been fun for me to think of. Here we go with the next 25 free things to do with your child.
  1. teddy bear tea party- can be parten or make lunch into a tea praty
  2. clean house
  3. jump rope
  4. roll down a hill
  5. swing
  6. write a play
  7. act out a play
  8. watch birds
  9. play dress up- don't have dress up clothing? use your clothing
  10. play house
  11. catch butterflies
  12. make sock puppet
  13. feed birds- use old bread
  14. play hide and seek
  15. paint the sidewalk with water
  16. kick a can
  17. plan/take an imaginary trip
  18. make mud pies
  19. visit elderly person
  20. tell jokes
  21. trust walk
  22. tell story three words at a time
  23. play I spy
  24. lunadery basket ride-until they can't fit in the basket kids love to be puled/pushed in a basket
  25. play momory
Wow I made it to 75. When I come up with 25 more I will post the next one. I hope you got new ideas of things to do with your children or maybe just got an oh I should do that monet. Remember to have fun with your children offten. Here are 1-25 and 26-50

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