Monday, November 3, 2008

100 Free Things to Do With Kids: 1-25

After reading some old post on Mommy Savers a great site I just found that is all about great ways to live with the money you got. I am got a great idea for a blog. Here is my first 25 great free things to do with your kids.
  1. Go to the Library
  2. Read books
  3. Rent movie-free from library
  4. go to park
  5. go on walk
  6. make tent with blankets and table better eat lunch in it
  7. ride bikes
  8. Cosley Zoo
  9. Lay in grass and talk nothing to say or kids to young look for pictures in the clouds
  10. cook together-try to do it with stuff you have at home
  11. play game
  12. write letters/make picture for daddy
  13. build snowman
  14. run in sprinkler-hopefully not same day you build a snowman
  15. call a friend to come over for play date
  16. trade toys with a friend
  17. play tag
  18. do each others hair
  19. play in the rain
  20. play ball with the dog
  21. snuggle on couch
  22.  fill bag with toys to give away
  23. story time
  24. picnic at park
  25. teach them something new
Come back tomorrow for more of the 100 things. Remember spending time with you kids is one of the best ways to use your time.

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