Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Crafts: 5 Leaf Craft Projects

All this crafts are things you can do with all those leaves in your front and back yard during the fall months. Ours are just now really falling so I put this together kind of late in the fall but here are 5 leaf crafts I found or have done with the kids.
  1. make a tree-picture on right of Girlgirl's (I did the glue)
  2. Weave Leafs
  3. paint them-can just paint or use as stamps
  4. Leaf Match
  5. make leaf people
I hope that you still have time to enjoy some of these this year but if not maybe next. We just did 1 and 3 this year but I really liked the others so hopefully I get a chance to do them next year. I hope you take the time to enjoy what God has made and talk to your kids about it.

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