Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can I have an Affordable trip to Disney World?

Sweetdude and I and been talking about take Girlygirl to Disney before she was born. She will be three next year and we hope to go in December of 2009 or before if they have a good deal. We are trying to do it with only using cash. This will be new for us. All our vacations have been put on credited cards that we are just now paying off. So in hopes of making it without adding debt I have already started planning how we can make the trip affordable.
My first step was making a bank to save money in. To do this I cleaned out and old apple sauce. I placed the lid on and cut a hole that a quarter can fit though. I then hot glued the lip on. I put Disney stickers on the front to help Girlygirl understand as she helps save money. I put $25 a week in the jar and all my change. Girlygirl puts $0.25 a week in the jar too. I want her to help save so has something invested in the trip too.
My next plan is to go when they are have a good deal or better yet win a trip. I have found a great web site called mousesavers.com. On it they keep an up to date list of what deals Disney is having at both Disney World and Disney Land in California. I look there often. Right now the have a great deal and I almost did it but then I would have had to stop my debt free trip. In order to get the best deal we are trying to be flexible in looking for a good deal any time from the fall of 2009 to early 2010. By not having a set date we want to go we hope to be able to find the best deal. I saw that ABC new in Chicago was giving a trip away so I signed up to win one. I plan to look for more ways to win a trip but not getting my hopes up.
We are also staying flexible with how we get there. We are not sure if it will be cheaper to fly or drive so we are just waiting to see what the prices are when we know the date we will go. If do fly it will because we saved money doing so. I have found lots of other tips. Be posting them soon. I just have run out of time today. If you are going to Disney World too I hope you enjoy your trip. And come back soon for more tips.

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