Saturday, February 9, 2008

(Child's Name) Hunt Game

Tonight I was baby sitting again. I offten baby sit on nights and weekends to get extar money. Anyways back to my story. The kids where both preschool age and had just learned The Bear Hunt song. They loved it. They wanted to play a new game. So I came up with (Child's Name) Hunt ie: Franki Hunt. I had them take turns hiding in their rooms (so we knew where to go.) While signing The bear hunt song replacing the word bear with the child's name we started in the kitchen and went around the house making up what thing where and how we get around it. The hall was a river we had to swing a cross. A rug was mud. The table was a road we had to go under. I let the kids come up with stuff and they didn't follow the song. When we got to the room/cave we would run back to the kitchen the same way we came trying not to get taged my the kid who was the bear. We had great fun and you may too.

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