Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Block Can be anything

With a little imagination a block can become anything you want it to be. From simple rolling on the ground and saying vrom vrom it has become a car. With the same block it your can make a train "Choo Choo!" Stand to blocks up and make them talk to each other "Hi Sally how are you?" says the first. "Good thank you!" says the second. As your child child is ready for more add other toys to make block time more fun. We have lots of animals which are great with the blocks to make a farm or zoo. Blocks make great fences and trees. Your little one love his cars add blocks to the make a town with roads and all. Do you have little people your child doesn't touch add them with the blocks and teach your child to make a home, a store or what ever they can think of. The possibility are endless. Remember your child may need to been shown that a block can be more than a block. Once they see they will think of more things than you and I.

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