Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Play to Learn: blocks

From the time Girlygirl was first a toddler I gave her blocks to play with. I remember my mom talking about a workshop she went to (she is a preschool teacher). It was all about blocks she told me how great blocks where at teaching. I have now found the info she told me and I want to share some with you. They have so much to teach.
  • imagination and creativity
  • self-confidence by allowing a child to be in control and having a feeling of accomplishment
  • provide opportunities for dramatic play, sharing and cooperative efforts
  • responsibility for block care and clean-up
  • involves math and science pre-number skills ie. size, shape, matching and classification, problem solving is inherent in block play
  • visual discrimination, a pre-reading skill
  • insight into concepts of inside/outside, open/closed
  • development of language and vocabulary through discussion and description
  • mapping skills
  • color recognition, patterning
  • develop gross motor skills through lifting, carrying and stacking
  • develop fine motor skills with smaller blocks
  • refine eye/hand coordination
  • Remember the next your child picks up a block to play that they learning. So you can say you are homeschooling. Your child is learning a lot.

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