Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Free Bowling/Summer plans

I found this great site the other day. If you even like to bowling a little you should go sign up. Across the county each child can get two free games of bowling a day all summer. I have been looking for ways to save this summer and still have tons of fun. This summer my little house will be over flowing with kids. Just like last summer I will taking care of my dear friends kids. Tom Boy and Mr. Man will be back but this year their sister will be coming too. That doesn't worry me at all. I love the kids and I think the more the merrier. What does worrie me is me not working. I am not use to living on little money for the three of us and three more will make it harder. Their my is blessed with a little money help and food stamps so will be helping us out. But staying home all the time is hard so I need to find fun cheep things to do. Free bowling will be great. Above all I know God is in control and has a great plan for me and the kids. Remember to find ways to have fun with your family every month, week, or even everyday.

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