Saturday, February 2, 2008

ABC Games

The other day I was baby sitting for a friend and they had some good game to help their 3 year old learn her abc's. Here is their games and other ways to help them too.

Abc's in a Bag

what you need: a brown lunch bag, index card, maker. To Make: They let the girl color the bag while mom put one letter on each index card. How to play: have you child dump all the cards on the ground. Then they need to look for the letters the know and came tell you. If they are right the card goes in to the bag if not you tell them the name and put it in the pill to find again. (side note for their older daughter they but words on the card for her to find)

Alphabet I Spy

nothing is needed for this game but the world around you. How to play: look around and find something ie: a fan then say I spy something that starts with "f ". If the child does not say fan first but four say "good that starts with f but I found something esle that also starts with f". Don't say wrong if it the letter is right. I spy can be played with colors and letter sounds too.

Letter of the Day

What you need: pen and paper. How to play: pick a letter then whenever someone see something that starts with the choicen letter you write the letter on the paper. (ie: if the letter is f when someone see the fan you write one f on the paper.) At the end of the day/game see how many words you found that start with that letter. If you play everyday you can keep track of how many of each letter you find. Then see what was the most and the least making it also a math leason.

ABC Memory

What you need: Metal juice can lids, alphabet stickers (can be upper and/or lower case.) Before you play: put sticker on lids make sure there is two of each letter. How to play: mix the lids up. Then lay then face down having the kids find the matching letters. You can do this with other stickers too.

Now for a list of toys I think that may be wroth buying with the alphabet to help the learning: magnets, puzzels, coloring books, books and movies.

Great place to find games and more is at this web site:

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