Wednesday, January 16, 2008

more for me

I think I don't really know what to write about that people want to read. Plus I am not a writer and become over whelmed with the thought of writing for others. So for now I will just write the things I am learning about. I know to some it may seem odd but I love to look around for great new things to learn. I was never good at school and I still don't like school much but now that I am big (25). I like to find new things to learn and spend lots of time on that one thing. Right now that I home schooling. Because girllygirl is so young right now I spend lots of time trying to figure what to do in her preschool years. So to keep track of all my thoughts I will be putting them here. If  you found me this may help you too. If not thanks for looking and I am sure there will be lots of other stuff. But again this is going to be kind of like my file place at least for now.

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Amy said...

I know this is older but I wanted to comment. I too feel stressed when I have to write--via email mostly or on a blog. I am the worst speller, it takes me awhile to but my thought together and I am all over the place with the thought. Your blog is awesome. Keep writting about what you are learning. You and I have a lot in common. I too love to learn new things. I am not good at school either but the desire to learn is so strong. I wish that you had the drive and the monies it would take to go to school because you are very gifted and it comes so naturally to you. You could easily be a school teacher or a children's threapist of some kind--you just have to get that expensive degree!