Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day Tirp with the Kido

The other day I was reading a book and it list all kind of things to do with the kids when they are at home with you. I am going to copy the list so you and I have it when we are looking for things to do.

  • Fire Station-we just did this with our play group although girlygirl is too young. Five (one girl I baby sit). Had tons of fun so did the other preschooler.
  • Artist Studio
  • big building down town
  • auto body shop
  • bridal shop
  • dairy
  • farm
  • hospital-see the babies
  • Library-I let each kid pick out two books and I get one to read Five when are waiting to pick Big Sis (other girl I baby sit) from school. Would be great to do before bed with older preschoolers. Five loves it.
  • movies-find the cheep ones near you
  • museum-find the children one. we have one not too far from here and all three girls love it.
  • newspaper
  • nursing home- bring gifts, go more than once get to know the people
  • park- have a picnic, go weekly or daily
  • pet store-one with pets are fun ask if you can pet the dog or cat
  • plays-I see many for young ones but haven't tried it yet
  • police station
  • restaurant-try to set up seeing the back in a less busy time
  • work-visit daddy's or a friend's
  • zoo

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