Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Avoid Scare d preschoolers at Disneyland

We all think that Disneyland was made for preschoolers. In many ways is was but yet when my parents took me to Disneyland when I was three, my two sister and I cried in fear on Peter Pan. I know this ride was made for young kids but it was dark. I learned a lot from planning my trip last year to Disney World that I used again this year at Disneyland to keep Girlygirl from getting scared.
  1. Bring a small pen light. The light should be so bright that other people can't enjoy the ride but just bright enough to give off some light so your preschool feels save. Girlygirl's light was just bright  enough that she could see a little better. The light not only gave her some light it gave her something other than the dark to think about when she got sacred.
  2. Bring you child's lovey. For us that is a small blanket. As a second tip to go with find a way to make it a necklace for your child to wear. I did this with Girlygirl's blanket by putting a rubber band tightly around the blanket and a ribbon then making the ribbon in to a loop. 
  3. Don't go on rides that may scare your child or Ride share. If your child doesn't want to go don't make them go. You can encourage but don't force they want to have fun too. 
  4. Before you go look and the picture and videos of the rides with your child. Disney has lots of information about each ride looking it gives you and your preschool an idea of what the ride is like.
  5. Don't loss your child. There are lots of ways to not loss your preschooler at Disneyland. 1) buy or rent stroller  2)hold hands at all times 3) walk at your child's pace 4) walk in a line with one adult the leader and the other at the back. 5) leash (I know some think they are for dogs but I think they are fine for children too) 
Go to Disneyland with a plan. Knowing what scares your child will help you know what is you will have to do to keep your child from getting scared at Disneyland.

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