Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Avoid Over tried Preschool at Disneyland

You read this and most likely laughed. Going to Disneyland with a preschooler you know that they will get over tried. There are a few things you can do to help your child along the way.
  1. Bring a stroller- Girlygirl walks a mile to school and is fine but I still bring her a stroller to Disneyland and she is almost five. This gives her a break from walking and standing when we go from ride to ride. It also give me a place to hold our small ice chest more about that tomorrow.
  2. Let them sleep- For us that means going back to the hotel for a nap. I like to get up early and beat the crowds and stay late to watch the night shows. For your and your child this may not work. If that is the case go back to the hotel early or leave late in the morning.
  3. Take a break-You know your child watch for their I am getting to tried or overwhelmed signs. If you notice your preschooler is need of a break head to the hotel, find a quite places in Disneyland  (more on them later), even just sitting on a bench and watching for awhile or going to a show may be what your child needs.
  4. Be willing to not do it all.- Before you even leave everyone needs to know that this is about having fun and not trying to do everything. Do what you can and just have fun. If doing everything takes the fun out of it what was the point.
Bring your preschool to Disneyland is about having fun and watching them enjoy the movies they love come to live in a new way. You and your preschooler will have more fun in Disneyland if you help them avoid getting over tried.

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