Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avoiding a Hungry Preschool at Disneyland

We all get grumpy when we are hungry. When you take your preschooler to Disneyland come with a plan to avoid hunger break downs (as I call them). Here are a few simple things I did.

  1. Eat close to the same time as you do at home.- Even if you got up two hours before you would at home and ate, your child will most likely still be hungry again. If it is hard to eat lunch or dinner at the time you do at home have a snack. 
  2. Have a meal plan.- Knowing what you will most likely do for each meal helps when your all get hungry and no one can agree. It also helps you see where you can bring food from home to save. 
  3. Bring food from home.- Even if you plan to eat all your meals out. Having snacks on hand is the best way to help your hungry child. I brought a small soft ice chest. In it I keep water,  juice boxes, frozen Gogurts, string cheese, and apples. I also wear a fanny pack with more snacks. In it was fruit snacks, Gold fish, granola bars and sometimes candy. Remember your will see tons of junk food for sell if you are like me if you have your own sweet snack you will be less tempted to buy theirs. Not only will bring your own food save you money but you will have food on hand when hunger strikes. 

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