Monday, April 26, 2010

Postive Parenting / Discipline without punishment: Scoobies

      Getting the wanted behavior out of any child is hard. I harder to get a child who has learned the only bad thing you can do is make others mad. Mr. Man had learned many co-oping skills to help him not make others mad most of which are not that great. This has cause Mr. Man to not understand that doing things wrong is what make others mad. We get in trouble at my house not based on how mad I am but what you did wrong. The more things you do in an acceptable manner the more fun you get to have. If you don't do your home work or good in school then life is not very fun. Mr. Man has I hard time understanding that. So when he told me about Scoobies I jump at trying to use them with him. It is a great idea that a counselor he and his mom saw back home tried to start with them a few years ago. Now living here we are using it.
      What are Scoobies? The name is made up by Mr. Man. They are just Nylon Weaving Loops  (used for crafts) giving to Mr. Man for good behavior. They are used to show Mr. Man good behavior earns him more fun. They work as a visual way to say when I like when you do this now you can do what you like too. We do this as a positive why to teach. You could use anything or call it anything you want. This is what works for us.
    Why it works great? By naming it Mr. Man feels he owns it. He is proud of it and tells everyone he meets about them. I like it because they are easy to carry with me. I often keep some on my arm.
   How does he earn them? I talked to the school his first week here and they give him a chance to earn them for each class. Mr. Man has a paper that his teacher each circle yes or no on and sign. It has made him want to behave at school to get them. At home he gets them for doing all his morning and bed time stuff on his own without whining or having to be told. Also for things like behaving like a 14 year old in the store, helping with Girlygirl when asked, doing chores or anytime he is caught being good.
   What does he do with all the Scoobies he earns? Sweetdude and I came up with a plan of things he can do with them. From TV time to outing with us or friends. I will post soon a list of all we do.

      ***Remember to find what works for your family and do that until it is not working any more***

   Please feel free to ask questions if you want to know more or my opinion on anything. I will be a post about it soon.

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