Monday, June 21, 2010

Leaving Home with a Plan

When we are out and doing things it is hard for Mr. Man to stay still and not make noises no one wants to hear. I have learned a few things in the last few months about that have worked good for us.
  • silly putty- yes you know the stuff. If you where like me you loved it as a kid. It is great it fits in even the smalls purse and both Mr. Man and Girlygirl love to play with it. (maybe even me)
  • talk about what he needs to do where we are going. Like if we are going to church he needs to sit and listen. If he wants to do something then take notes, do the children's bulletin or play with putty.
  • Give him away out if we out. Sometimes things are too hard for him to do that day. Before going in I let him know what he can do if he can't do what I have asked of him. In church if you can't sit still and be quite he can go to the cry room or walk home (we live very close to church).
  • Helping him remember what was asked of him. It is fine if he needs a few reminders of what was asked of him. 
  • Be ready to reward good behavior. We do Scobbies. I keep them with me at all times anytime he is good at a place or for sometime he gets one.
  • Don't over plan and if you do have a long day plan breaks in it. Even too much fun stuff can make it hard to behave.
Some kids take more planning even for a little day to day stuff in life. Knowing you kid will help you to know how much you need to be ready for. 

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