Sunday, May 4, 2008

What is Notebooking?

I have been reading a lot about notebooking. I believe it is what ever you want it to be. Notebooking is a great way to keep track of what you are learning without it feeling too much like work. You and your child can pick what you want it to be.

  • To get started you will need a few basic things:
  1. Binder-the kind with a clear pocket front will let you make your own cover page
  2. Paper-there are lot of kinds out there use what you like best any paper can be used. A great idea is to use tracing paper to copy maps or others things hard to copy by site
  3. Scissors- decorative and straight edged
  4. Page protectors or three hole punch-you need a way to put all the pages you make into your notebook
  5. Something to write with-crayons, makers, color pencil, pens (any kind gel, ball point etc..), oil pastels, and whatever else you think may get you child to want to write/draw in the notebook
  6. Glue/tape- whatever you want to add the stuff to your pages
  • To add some flair:
  1. old magazines/newspapers-use picture and/or articles
  2. clip art
  3. stickers
  4. stamps
  5. fabric
  6. ribbon
  7. buttons
  8. stencils
  9. hole punches-they have many driftnets shapes and sizes
  10. pictures-of trips and/or projects
  11. pressed flowers
  13. bible verse-those which match what you are notebooking
  14. booklets-about the topic and/or from where you went
  • Things to notebook:
  1. Field trips
  2. Writing-copy work, essays, short stories, etc.
  3. Work book pages
  4. Timeline
  5. Poems
  6. Songs
  7. Alphabet-for the little ones
  8. The world of learning is your limit. No matter what you are learning I am sure you can find a way to notebook it.

Keep coming back to see how notebooking works for me this summer. I will be caring for a 12 year-old and 9 year-old who are coming to stay with me. I will also have my Girlygirl as well as the two girls I nanny Five and Big Sis. I am look forward to it. I hope to have time to blog it all.

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