Thursday, April 24, 2008

Teaching Sign Language

As you may know my husband is deaf. I have been trying to think of a way to teach the girls nanny and for other people to teach their children sign. Today when clean Girlygirl's room it hit me. When I saw Sesame Street learning cards I knew how to teach sign. I can use the cards to to teach the signs for the words. They are great because they are things you do everyday. So not only working with the cards but when you do everyday things you can sign to your child. Girlygril is only 23 months and has more signs than I can count. If you are worried about using sign because your child will talk late (although true for Girlygirl) that is not true. Girlygirl now can say as much as my friends kids but she signs different words too. So able to tell me much more. If you don't know sign I found a great site more for kids but the best I have found yet. The best of luck to you. Sign is a great way to "talk" with you young child.

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