Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Affordable Birthday Party: Decorations

              I have keep all Girlygirl's birthday parties under $75. Which is at least half of what the party places I have looked into cost. To keep the cost low birthday part affordable I pick a theme early. Girlygirl birthday is not until August and we have just passed the New year and I am already on the look out of good deals on butterfly things for her fifth birthday party. As part of the planning for an affordable birthday I pick everything from the wrapping paper, Girlygirl outfit to the cake to match the theme.

             Finding affordable was to make your party theme starts with thinking outside the box. I always start at home.  Until last year I always picked the theme past on what toys Girlygirl had the most of. Doing this made it easy to decorate with little cost out of my pocket. Even if you don't use the toys to pick the theme look around and see what you have to match the theme in your home. This could be toys or a decoration. After you found what you have at home keep an eye out for other things to match you theme. I have picked up things at garage sales to bring out the theme and they are often toys so it is a win-win plus cheep. One year I found Dora fabric on sale for ninety-nine cents a yard, it made a great table cloth. After the party I gave to Girlygirl to us as a blanket for her dolls. If your child has clothing to match the theme have them wear it.  Knowing the theme early you can make gifts double as future party supplies. If you know you need a cake topper why not put a plastic toy to match the theme in your child's Easter basket or stocking. Or when shopping for new clothing pick up a shirt to go with the theme. It is easy to have an affordable birthday party with thinking outside the box.

            Once you have done all you can to think outside the box start hunt of party supplies that don't cost too much. Finding affordable wrapping paper to match the theme is one of the hard things to do. I did find Princess gift bags for fifty cents each and pick them up not know if Girlygirl would ever have a princess birthday and when she had her pink castle party I used those. One year I was lucky to find Sesame Street wrapping paper at a dollar store.  If you can't find wrapping paper for a good deal to match the theme try to pick colors that go with your theme.  The other thing I have done is add party stores and the lisle to my shopping trips. You never know what will be on close out at these stores. I once got hats, palates, cups, napkins, etc to match the theme and didn't pay more than eighty-two cent for any of it.  Keeping your eye out is not hard to do and can save you a ton of money.
              When I can't the thing I want for something I just make it. Children don't care what it looks like. Most of Girlygirl party games have been homemade. From just coloring pages to pin the peck on Big Bird to help Dora find Backpack. Homemade cakes are a lot cheep than store bought cake. I have been lucky to have a sister who loves to make fancy cakes. If you don't have someone to make one a box cake with small toy and Happy Birthday written on top is not much less the the stores do for a huge savings. With a little thought and look around the Internet you can come up with great things.
                  I had great backyard parties growing up. I have decided to keep with the same fun affordable backyard birthday parties for Girlygirl. Keeping everything at home doesn't always mean you you will have an affordable birthday but with a little planning you can have a party that doesn't break the bank.

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Danielle said...

I agree, do-it-yourself and budget parties can be just as wonderful as the expensive kind. I'm shopping now for a birthday in Feb and one in March! It can add up. I've found that just a few store bought items can make a big impact. I love personalizing party favors, it really lets the guests know you thought of them and it's easy to do yourself! Here's some tips!

Good luck! Stop by to get some ideas!