Monday, March 8, 2010

A Christian Wife: It is all about them

There were days I felt lots in the craziness of being a wife and mom. I felt that I needed more. I needed someone to meet my wants. I want to sit around and do nothing after work. I wanted to be able to be worry free and tell some else to clean the house. I wanted to have Sweet Dude fix everything for me and make me happy. I wanted it to be all about me. Then I read Proverbs 14:1 A wise women strengthens her family but a foolish women destroys hers by what she does. Then it hit me. I need to be a women who cares for her family more than myself. I need to be a women who does things t o bring her family together. If that means I do the cleaning and being the one worrying and my wants don't always get meet; so be it. I need to trust God. He made me the wife the glue to keep my family together. I have seen families fall part because the women wasn't the glue. I don't want that to happen to family. So as I say I need to be the glue or as it is in Proverbs I need to strengthen my family everyday. What are some ways we can strengthen our families?


Amy said...

"What are some ways we can strengthen our families?"....Pray together as a family, give praise to Him verbally whenever you can, model for your family--the best you can--how a christian should respond to things that happen on a daily basis, attend church--talk about the sermon, talk about how He is in control and that gives us the family)the ability to trust in Him for everything through prayer, reading and serving--all for the glory of Him.

Morellocherry said...

hey, i just read a little bit from your blog and feel the need to send a little comment. I'm a single christian mother and ive been through/had/having the same thoughts as you. It is hard. But at the same time even if we are the "glue", its still not down to us to keep a family together...i believe everyone has a part to play in keeping things running smoothly and i think you're thoroughly just in sometimes wanting and needing someone else to take the heavy weight off your shoulders. I believe that if God is kept at the core to the family then everything else follows. That, praying and a great church community. :) God loves you (not wanting to sound condescending!), He lightens the load when its most needed.and as i always think, if we didnt have these issues...what would we write about in our blogs?!! X