Monday, February 22, 2010

Less Tv For Preschooler

The Ten Way to Watch Less Television
  1. No TV Before lunch This one is hard for me. On the days I do it works great.
  2. Listen to music The noise and fun of the songs has help Girlygirl not think about turning on the TV.
  3. Read When the TV is off and Girlygirl needs something to do I stop what I am doing and read a book. It takes but a few minutes and is great for her.
  4. Have your child help you It takes more time to have your child help you but they love it. Plus if they learn how to do it slowly when they are young and want to "they" say it is easier to get them to help later.
  5. Keep toys cleaned up This may be easier for others but I feel often why clean it for her to just take the same thing out again. What I have learned is Girlygirl plays a lot longer in a clean house.
  6. Have quite time for your child daily This gives you the time you need on your own.
  7. Move toys around There are a few ways you can do this. You can switch them from the play room to bed room or keep some up and bring them from time to time. I do both. Toys in a new place are like new toys
  8. Art and Crafts They break up the day and give the child something new to do. I do some planned but she has a book and now collage tray she can do whenever she wants.
  9. Play with your Child
  10. Teach your child to play on their own You can read my post on that here.
Let me know some ways you keep the TV from taking over your house.


Amy said...

The ones that work best for us are-no tv before lunch, read and listen to music. If I let her Abbey would watch tv all day long. She LOVES TV. The upside to it is that I know she is a visual learner.

White Dove said...

I love this post and I agree with you, sweet mom after all. Your blog really did motivate others. I'm following you, thank you for the sharing...

miss badd azz said...

i have really learned something new since i am 8 weeks pregnant with quads i love all your postes