Monday, June 8, 2009

Tot School: Week 20

~34 months~
We had fun this week. I found Girlygirl ABC book that I used with Five and Girlygirl last year. It is great for Girlygirl now. We also started playing on the computer. We do the calander on Starfall together everyday. She loves it. She also plays the Abc's Zoo on the Fisher Price web site. I am hoping this will help her want to learn her letters. We played games. I found the one at a Children's Reale for $2 it is great and on of Girlygirl favorites. We added paint to our circle collage (which was add to her ABC Notebook) we start last week. Girlygirl didn't like not paint with brushes. So... We painted with brushs a lot longer. I did get her to paint her hand and make hand prints.She painted a letter "b" sometime we will glue buttons on it before adding to our ABC Notebook. Our friend turned 3. We went to her party at Monkey Business. We had lots of climbing, painting and learning to be happy for others. Making an Elizabeth E for our ABC Notebook. Circle elephant. I which I could find the link I used to printed. It is cute and fun to make. E is for Eyes.Cutting fabric left over from bean bags I have been making.Barbies are a new favorite for her. She is even learning to dress and undress them herself. Counting cards I found on ChildCareland (you'll find in the middle of the page) If you have never looked at the idea on Childcareland you should look around. I had fun this week after find them last week on someones tot school page.She loves her doll house and we add a baby this week so she likes even more now.Played at the water table at her cousin's house. (We will call him Crazy here.) She got more play dough stuff from a family friend. Chip clip color match. She needs to hands to open the clip so I put the card in for her. (she picks the cards and gives me the color.) We did puzzles she needs a lot of help with them put she loves to do it. Playing game. She didn't get the idea of how to play but put she loves putting the pieces in. Making neckless with daddy. Playing games with daddy.Bubbles. We got from a garage sale for $1. playing outback. See what others did last week over at 1+1+1=1

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TheRockerMom said...

What a great week! So many different kinds of activities. I think that RockerTot would love to play at a water table. I would love to make him one. Thanks for sharing!!