Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cheep ways to get Toddler top 10 Favorite Playtimes

Girlygirl loves to play but lots of times is not sure what to do without being shown what to do. After lots of play time with me and all the kids I have cared for she is starting to pick her own favorites here is this weeks top 10 favorite things for Girlygirl to play:
  1. dolls-we got most as gifts. A great way to get doll clothing that will last is to buy Preemie or newborn baby clothing.
  2. dress up-we have lots again some where gifts but I did buy most of them. We go to garage sales all summer great place to get old clothing and really dress up clothing for cheep.
  3. painting-not that cheep and I have not found a good get paint. Girlgirl loves to paint and we do it weekly.
  4. trains-I got a wood track for Ikea. They are great and work with Tomas the trains but way cheaper.
  5. cook-She has lots of play food and plates she loves to make food for everyone here. She also likes to help in the kitchen.
  6. ride one toys-she has lots i think 5 for outside and 2 in. All the outside ones where found on trash day. The 2 inside where gifts.
  7. books-we also asking for them as gifts. I so look for good deals every where we go. You never know where you will find a good book at a great deal.
  8. color-She likes makers best but when I say no she will use crayons. We got ours at the back to school sales and at the Dollar Tree. We use both paper and coloring books.
  9. bags-not sure why but having a bag full of stuff brings Girlgirl great joy.
  10. going to park-free and great fun.
Remember to let your child do it themselves that is how the learn but play next time them. They will learn from what you do.

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