Friday, October 19, 2007


Welcome to A Mom Learning More Everyday. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, experiacnes, and feeling. I have done a few short enteries already but now want to tell a little more about what you will read hear at A Mom Learning More Everyday. You will read about why I blog and what I hope to share. This is just an over look of A Mom Learning More Everyday.
Why I Started
I have enjoyed the blogs I read and thought why don't I do that. At first I thought, "My writing is not very good and I have nothing to write about." I still keep thinking how fun it would be so I thought why not. Even if it is only for me to write my thoughts it will be great. Now I blog about my life.
My Family
As you read you will get to know my family. I have been married for only fours years. Here on A Mom Learning More Everyday, I will call my husband Sweet Dude. (read more in a post to come). He is a great guy with a big heart. He is over worked. Leaving me at home with our daughter, GirlyGirl, most the time. GirlyGirl is only 16 months but she is for sure her own person. She loves all things girlly. We hope to homeschool her but that is not for 4 more years. We also have a 2 year old lab Mikey. He is a crazy dog and always into everything. We also have a cat, Troble and yes that is her real name.
Where We Live
The three of us and our dog and cat live in Chicagoland. Our house is small but I have learned to love it. It is only one bed room. Sweet Dude and I sleep in the basement. We do have a huge yard.
Me Me Me!
So now about me the writer of A Mom Learning More Everday.  Frist off I am a Christian. I try to sever my heavenly father in all areas of my life. I will do so on this blog too.  As you read before I am a mom to one. I love being a mom and I look forward to having more kids. I tell people all the time I was made to be a mom. Right now I still have to work. It was never my plan to work but God is amazing. He opened many doors for me. I am a nanny. I get to bring GirlyGirl with me. That is greater than I ever would have thought.  Moving on I am still young at only 25 I have a lot to learn about life. I guess you could see why I picked the name then. I hope that I look for leasons in my life for my whole life.  I love crafts. I do them with the kids I nanny all the time. I also love to do crafts my self.  For about the past 9 years I have been scrapbooking. I have great fun putting all my scrapbooks together and looking at them when I need a pick me up. 
Thanks for stopping by I hope you keep reading to learn more about me.

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